The Genesis of Our Journey

Journey of Passion and Excellence: The REDFOX Story

In the bustling metropolis of Bangkok, during the latter part of 2018, a group of dynamic and seasoned tourism professionals converged over a shared cup of coffee, united by a dream to birth what would come to be known as REDFOX. Our aspiration was elegantly straightforward, yet profoundly significant – to bestow upon our travelers indelible memories destined to last a lifetime.

Fueled by an unwavering passion for crafting innovative and unparalleled travel experiences, complemented by impeccable on-ground execution, our name began to echo far and wide, carried forth on the winds of enthusiastic recommendations. In mere moments, we garnered the faith and reliance of numerous discerning travelers, ascending to the coveted position of one of Thailand’s most trusted Destination Management Companies.

With this bedrock of trust as our cornerstone, we embarked on a journey of continuous refinement, enriching our reservoir of knowledge by nurturing our team’s growth and embracing cutting-edge technology. As our industry underwent a profound metamorphosis, we took it upon ourselves to lead the vanguard in technological innovation, ensuring that convenience, safety, and minimized touchpoints became the cornerstones of every traveler’s experience.

In the year 2019, propelled by the burgeoning allure of travel across Asia, we extended our reach to the enchanting landscapes of Vietnam, further fortifying our influence in this vibrant region. Mindful of the importance of measured progress, we exercised judicious control over our expansion, firm in our belief that mastering each destination was instrumental in solidifying our standing as one of the premier DMCs in this corner of the globe.

At the heart of our endeavors, our mission and vision serve as the linchpin, inspiring our dedicated team and serving as a compass that keeps us unwaveringly focused on what truly matters. Together, we are steadfastly committed to the creation of extraordinary travel experiences for all those who entrust us with their cherished journeys.

RedFox emerged as a dynamic destination management enterprise proudly headquartered in Bangkok, Thailand.

Redfox Vietnam, established with a vision to craft unique and exciting tours, unveils Vietnam’s charm to the world, redefining the way travelers experience this captivating destination.

‘Best MICE Organizer 2021’ at the prestigious World MICE Awards. This recognition reaffirms our commitment to excellence in Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, and Exhibitions (MICE) services and motivates us to continue delivering top-tier event experiences for our valued clients.

Launch of our cutting-edge B2B booking engine, a technological leap that enhances our commitment to seamless, efficient, and innovative services.  This new platform empowers our partners with a streamlined experience, revolutionizing the way business is conducted in our industry.


We established a new representative office in the vibrant landscape of Italy and extended our global reach to the African continent acquiring new business partners. We solidified a significant partnership with a major European player, further fortifying our presence in the international arena. Additionally, we proudly unveiled the exciting addition of RedFox Cambodia to our portfolio.

Elevating our organization to unprecedented heights, we are embarking on an ambitious journey of growth. Our strategic vision includes expanding our partnerships across Asia, with potential collaborations in South Korea and Japan on the horizon. Our commitment extends to bolstering our B2B booking platform by onboarding new global partners, enriching our content offering to include an array of experiences. Building upon our existing portfolio of 5,000+ hotels and 1,000+ activities, we are poised for an exciting phase of expansion.







Our mission, vision, and culture serve as a unifying force, igniting inspiration among our team members. These pillars bind our organization together, ensuring unwavering focus on what truly counts.


Leveraging technology for competitive advantage, growth, and efficient communication.


Our Mission is to consistently exceed customer expectations by delivering exceptional travel experiences tailored to their needs and desires.


Foster a love for travel and exploration among our team members, encouraging them to share their enthusiasm with customers.

Our objectives are the specific, measureable results that we hope to maintain as we grow. These allows us to focus on the specifics. This means analysing, assessing and understanding where we are now and where we want to be in the future.











Our differentiators is how our products and services are distinct from what our competitors are offering.


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