Online Booking Engine

Drive more direct bookings with Booking Engine 4.0, delivering a simple, intuitive and responsive user experience across all devices. Increase the efficiency and reduce the cost structure of your business: A task that a booking engine should accomplish for you. This page presents a selection of unique features and the innovative booking engine. The booking engine is in constant development and is one of the best tools on the market, accessing the best offers in the world market.

Online Search Engine via our website

A fast, dynamic and reliable way to make reservations online from virtually anywhere in the world. A user-friendly tool available immediately. With a simple login and password, you can access our online booking system and get the best offers on the market.

XML Technology XML API allows you access to all our products. This connection provides power to your existing website, linking it our incredible inventory thus boosting sales. Together with our technical and sales team, we will work to provide you with a high level of service as our goal is to develop a long-term collaboration.

White Label

Integration with White Label allows you to display your own brand and logo. acts behind the scenes of your website. The search engine can be integrated into a frame on your site or opened on to a new window. We can edit the style of our model so that it integrates seamlessly with your website. We can also embed HTML codes at the top and bottom. Integration is easy to implement and manage. Pages are downloaded directly from our servers which mean that you do not have to be concerned about tariff validity and content accuracy. Upon request, we can achieve integration by co-branding by adding a logo: «Sponsored by»

Main features

  • Friendly user interface
  • Responsive design
  • Interactive guiding bar
  • Fully integrated high definition video, images
  • Easy booking process and check out
  • Real time inventory for ground services
  • Easy payment gateways
  • Intelligent Customer Support

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