Our core activity is destination management. We manage a range of products and services in Thailand and Vietnam (For the time being….) We make your travel experience work. Whether you are looking for accommodation, team-building, food discovery, a simple while unique tour or just about any other travel service, we make it happen for you. More importantly, we assist with overcoming any language barriers.

We are a small ‘boutique’ local DMC, that has been on the ground in our destination for years. We have an encyclopedic knowledge and expertise giving our international partners the insight they need to differentiate themselves in their respective markets. 

We are experts in the local area and specialists in the particular services we offer. That means that you, as a travel professional, don’t have to be. Working with REDFOX allows you to book any experience in any of our locations in the confidence that it will be delivered safely and to a high standard.

We have localized knowledge about what works and what does not in our destinations. We know that this road is usually flooded during the moonsoon, or that the best views of Samet Nangshe are at sunrise – the secrets that you simply can’t know. That allows you to create better travel experiences that are more likely to do well in a competitive market.

Finally, we operate a huge range of different services or have partners that do so. That means that we can act as a one-stop shop when you’re creating your travel arrangements. Our aim is to put all the pieces of your travel plans together and plug any logistical gaps; we’ll offer a great perspective on the most successful travel experience in the region.




Heighten your travel to new boundaries

With our ambition to become the leader in our destination, we started to forge an even better team to design journeys. All our journeys are curated to make you experience the destination like never before. With millions of things to do, it’s easy to wanderlust over new experiences but they are always corners of the globe to discover.

Why not rediscover too?

Each destination holds secrets to be unlocked and a unique blend of local traditions which you never experienced before. We can help you unfold a fresh perspective on the destination and make you remember memories you did not know you forgot. Returning in one of our destinations can sharpen those lost senses and ignite the flame of old experiences.

For you, we explored whatever that can be explored from the biggest cities to the smallest villages, we use our inside knowledge to craft trips that pushes the boundaries of your imagination.

Bespoke travel

REDFOX is your ideal partner if you’re creating bespoke travel packages for an exclusive clientele. The gargantuan range of services we provide allows you to be more flexible and plan more complex itineraries. And when your client’s needs change, where are here to adapt on the fly, providing services as when you need them.

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