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The Leading Singapore Journal interviewed our CEO & Founder on the journey of REDFOX in South East Asia.

Authentic And Extraordinary Travel Experiences With Redfox: Pankaj Sawhney

In a time when travel is not just a leisure activity but a passion for many, adept professionals like Pankaj Sawhney have been bringing a transformation in this field. Being the CEO and Co-founder of Redfox Event, a destination management company, Pankaj Sawhney has not only played a crucial role in the growth of the company but also majorly handled its operations across Asia.

We had the privilege of sitting down with Pankaj Sawhney, to dive into his journey, from his roots back in India to his remarkable performance in the tourism industry. In this insightful interview, Pankaj speaks about his vision behind starting the company and its performance. He also shares his perspective on promoting collaboration amidst the team and how beginners should start in a similar field.

Join us as we explore the mind and insights of Pankaj Sawhney, a seasoned leader who is inspiring a generation of aspiring entrepreneurs.

The Beginning

In an exploration of Pankaj Sawhney’s background and journey thus far, we inquired, “Could you kindly share some insights about your early life and educational background?”

In response, Pankaj Sawhney reflects, “Born in Delhi, I navigated my youth as a reserved individual, uncertain of my trajectory. It was a close friend, now a thriving software developer in California, who initially suggested pursuing a computer certification. Despite committing to this path together for a year, I found my passion lay elsewhere amidst the burgeoning era of computing in the 90s. Opting instead for a degree in Commerce, I primed myself for future endeavors in business.

Travel, however, remained a steadfast passion. In my late twenties, an opportunity arose to train with India’s foremost tourism brand, affording me invaluable real-world insights beyond textbooks. As my career unfolded, I traversed the globe, eventually finding myself in the United States, employed by a prestigious hotel group. Fifteen years of industry immersion later, I found myself drawn to Southeast Asia, specifically Thailand, where I now reside with my cherished family, including a teenage daughter.

RedFox and the Vision Behind

We were curious about Pankaj Sawhney’s company in Singapore and the idea behind its growth. So, we asked, “Can you tell us about your company and its presence in Singapore?”

Pankaj Sawhney explained, “After two decades in my career, I felt a need to explore, learn, and expand further. In 2018, I started REDFOX in Bangkok, Thailand. My goal is to create a platform that offers comprehensive solutions using cutting-edge technology while maintaining a personal touch.

In the first year, we served 6000 passengers, partnered with 500 agents, and grew our team to 10. By early 2020, we expanded to Vietnam, and now we operate in four countries: Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos. We’re also planning to expand to Singapore, Indonesia, Dubai, South Korea, and Japan.”

Curious to learn more about the company’s recent progress, we asked, “How has the year been for your company in terms of overall performance and achievements?”

Yearly Achievements

Eager to learn more about the company, we inquired, “How has the past year unfolded for your organization in terms of overall performance and accomplishments?”

“In 2022, as the world began to recover from the pandemic’s impact, REDFOX secured a strategic partnership with ADI Resourcing & Recruitment, a prominent group in Southeast Asia, laying the groundwork for further business expansion. The subsequent year, 2023, proved to be highly successful, with our company achieving pre-pandemic revenue levels and experiencing a remarkable 40% growth compared to 2022. Notably, in 2021, we were honored as the Best MICE Operator in Thailand by the World Travel MICE Awards, and we received nominations in the same category for 2022 and 2023 (results pending). Furthermore, our company expanded its European business partnerships, contributing to our overall growth trajectory,” he replied.

Pankaj Sawhney responded, “I firmly believe that consistent, impactful, and positive communication, both internally and externally, is fundamental for addressing the majority of challenges faced by employees and organizations, regardless of their size.”

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